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Wounds / Illness / Infections

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API Melafix

API Melafix is a treatment for bacterial infections that repairs damaged fins, ulcers and open wounds. It also promotes tissue and fin regrowth and made from natural active ingredient.

API Pimafix

API Pimafix treats fungal infections. It rapidly treats fungal infections on body & fins. Pimafix is a safe way to treat a broad range of fungal fish infections. Treats fungus or cottony growth, mouth and body fungus and reddening of fins and body. Also treats internal and external bacterial infections.

eSHa 2000 Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment 20ml

Aquarium Treatment Esha 2000 For Fungus, Finrot And Bacteria eSHa 2000 treatment is a wide range action that treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms.

eSHa Exit Anti Whitespot Treatment 20ml

eSHa EXIT is an effective treatment against all Spot (lchthyophthirius) diseases

Esha OODINEX Wide Range Marine Treatment 20ml

eSHa OODINEX is a wide range disease treatment for marine fish in aquariums that contain invertebrates.

King British Bacteria Control 100ml

King British Bacteria Control is a veterinary medicine containing formaldehyde for the treatment of bacterial infections, gill rot & external ulcers.

King British Disease Clear 100ml

King British Disease Clear is a veterinary medicine containing silver proteinate. This is a broad-spectrum treatment that is helpful against most bacterial & fungal infections.

King British Fin Rot & Fungus Control

King British Fin Rot & Fungus Control is a veterinary medicine containing phenoxyethanol for the treatment of fin rot & fungal infections.

King British Methylene Blue 100ml

King British Methylene Blue is a longstanding treatment for aquaria, used by generations of fish keepers. It is effective against a range of fungal & bacterial infections.

King British Original Formula WS3 50ml

King British Original Formula WS3 White Spot Control is a veterinary medicine for the treatment for fish infected with White Spot (Ich).

King British Swim Bladder Control 100ml

King British Swim Bladder Control relieves swim bladder problems & constipation.

King British Velvet Control 100ml

King British Velvet Control is a veterinary medicine containing copper sulphate for the treatment of dinoflagellate parasites.

NT Labs Anti-Fluke & Wormer 20ml

Fish are susceptible to internal worms, especially Discus and Angel species.

NT Labs Anti-Internal Bacteria

Certain species of bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Aeromonas and Vibrio bacteria can infect fish internally causing an array of symptoms.

NT Labs Anti-Parasite

Previously known as Anti-Velvet & Slime Certain species of parasites such as Trichodina, Costia and Oodinium can cause fish to produce a whitish mucus layer known as velvet or slime disease.

NT Labs Anti-Ulcer & Finrot 100ml

Certain species of bacteria such as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas cause fin, mouth and body tissue to be eaten away.

NT Labs Anti-White Spot & Fungus 100ml

White spot is a protozoan parasite; the adults live on the fish and appear as tiny white spots.

NT Labs Disease Solve 100ml

Previously known as General Tonic Disease causing pathogens will be present in most aquariums although at low enough levels for fish not to show any symptoms.