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Biorb Air Pump

The new release of biOrb's air pump has given us the chance to sell it to you for a cheaper price than anywhere else! 

Biorb New 12-Volt DC Air Pump (2022 Model)

  • If your biOrb aquarium air pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous, it may be time to replace the pump
  • Replacing the air pump is simple - unplug the old one and plug in the new one to the transformer
  • Low voltage air pump is designed for quiet operation and stability
  • Replacement air pump for all 2nd generation biOrb aquariums

Biorb One Way / Non-Return Check Valve

In the unlikely event of leakage a one way valve can be fitted to the air line. This should be fitted six inches from the air pump.

Biorb Transformer

All Reef One aquariums are supplied with the correct biOrb plug for your socket, but for a different plug if your original breaks we will supply you with the best deal you can get for a brand new transformer that is easy to use and very useful for the accidental break of your old or current transformer!