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Aquamania Cuttlefish bone / cuttlebone (Estimated 95-105g)

Cuttlebone provides calcium for a range of animals from birds to turtles to snails and other animals and invertebrates. 95-105g bags.

Pack Quantity
1 Pack
3 Pack
5 Pack
10 Pack
Ista / Waterplant Snail Trap

The Ista snail trap has a special design that only allows snails to crawl into the centre.

Microworms Starter Culture Bag - Live Fish Food

Microworms are a great live food type perfect for fry or young, small fish.  They are extremely easy to culture and can last for a long time in the right conditions.

NT Labs Aquarium AxoTonic Axolotl Tonic Salt 500g

NT Labs AxoTonic is a salt mixture that sets the optimum water conditions for Axolotls. It adjusts the pH, kH, and gH levels of tap, and DI/RO water, along with adding vital trace elements to improve Axolotl health. AxoTonic also helps to reduce and support the recovery of fungal infections too. Available in 500g packs.