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Aquamania Brine Shrimp Eggs (10g Est.)

Ready to hatch and premium quality.

Black Alder Cones (Alnus Glutinosa)

The alder cones release tannins into your tank creating black water which is beneficial to most shrimps and south american fish including discus,tetras,corys etc..

From: £3.99
Pack Size
50g (1x50g)
150g (3x50g)
250g (5x50g)
500g (10x50g)
Cuttlefish bone / cuttlebone (Estimated 40-50g)

Cuttlebone provides calcium for a range of animals from birds to turtles to snails and other animals and invertebrates. 40g-50g bags.

From: £2.99
Pack Quantity
1 Pack
3 Pack
5 Pack
10 Pack
Ista / Waterplant Snail Trap

The Ista snail trap has a special design that only allows snails to crawl into the centre.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are a great food for those of you who have puffer fish. They are a good meaty food that also helps keep the puffer fishes mouth / beak trimmed

From: £3.99
Microworms Starter Culture Bag

Microworms are a great live food type perfect for fry or young, small fish.  They are extremely easy to culture and can last for a long time in the right conditions.