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Happy Pet Carnival Mouse Toy

These mouse shaped toys come in three bright colours which include: Orange (Green tail), Pink (Blue tail) and Blue (Pink tail).

Happy Pet Fuzzy Mouse Cat Toy

This cute little fuzzy mouse toy comes in two colours of brown (red and green) and pink (green and yellow) currently. These toys will keep your cat busy for hours of feline fun and playtime.

Happy Pet Velour Mouse Cat Toy

For purrfect playtime our pick 'n' mix Cat Toy Jars offer our widest selection of key toys and textures for cats. 

Jolly Moggy Cute Mini Mice

Catnip infused cat toys from the Jolly Moggy Natural range. Keep your cat fit and quick with his reactions with frequent playtime.

Jolly Moggy Feather Bird

A feather bird natural catnip toy by Jolly Moggy. Filled with enticing catnip. Great fun for cats.

Jolly Moggy Natural Bird

A natural, feather, catnip toy that your cat will love.

Jolly Moggy Natural Catnip Mice

Contains some of the best catnip in the world for pure catnip indulgence which will excite and entice.

Jolly Moggy Vibro Mouse

The vibro mouse cat toy is a fun cat mtoy, available in brown or grey, that cats love. The hoop and string on the back can be pulled out and released to start the vibration and movement of the fun toy.