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biOrb Ancient Conch

Distinguishable for its eye catching beauty, seashell clusters on a rock stump are a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists, used for their dramatic and intense appeal for instant visual impact inside any aquarium.

Biorb Branch with Flowers

biOrb frozen branch with flowers is a colourful and almost magically decorative sculpture. The wooden branch is designed to look like it has been frozen in the colder weather and is adorned in bright white and red flowers and decorations.

Biorb Fan Coral Large

This impressive sculpture by award winning aquascaping artist Samuel Baker makes a dramatic centrepiece for biOrb Life 45 and Life 60 aquariums, but will also be a great feature in any aquarium of the right size

Biorb Fan Coral Medium

The Biorb Fan Coral Medium makes for a bold statement centrepiece which boasts attractive natural shapes and is versatile therefore fits into the BiOrb Life 30, 45 and 60.

Biorb Flowers on Wood

From along the woodland floor the stunning Flowers on Wood Ornament is a perfect addition for coverage at the bottom of your fish tank. Now it is possible to fill your aquarium with sophisticated focal features without the need to care and maintain them!

Biorb Grey Slate Stack

An impressive and formidable structure which is inspired by the Neolithic era of stonehenge. Angular and linear, this block of neutral colour is an ideal simplistic start to your BiOrb tank display.

Biorb Large Red Reef

This Biorb Red Reef Ornament suitable for biOrb 60L, biOrb 105L, LIFE 45L, LIFE 60L and HALO 60L aquariums. It replicates the profile of the abstract structures found along the seabed itself.

Biorb Moorwood Sculpture

For the most natural and pure tank display, this simple yet realistic sculpture is crafted to blend in with the flowing nature of water, and wrap around the filter tube. Designed artistically by Samuel Baker, indulge your sensual side by complementing the earthy tones of this ornament with some soft and subtle Biorb moss pebbles in keeping with the minimalistic scheme.

From: £34.99
Biorb Mushroom on Trunk

The Mushroom on Trunk Medium is inspired by the fantasy scenes and surreal landscapes of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, this stunning fairytale tree trunk with vibrant red mushrooms growing up it provides a fresh col9our and unique detail for your BiOrb 30 or bigger BiOrb.

Biorb Orament Coral Ornament

Resembling the tactile surface texture of a natural coral reef, this delicate pinkish abstract creation comprises of tentacles from a staghorn type of coral. Produced for reef one by designer Samuel Baker this small, bijoux decoration adds a life like element to your display BiOrb. Ideal for starter BiOrb Halo aquariums in 15L or 30L.

From: £15.35
Biorb Ornament Clamshells

The Biorb Ornament Clamshells is a soft and frilly looking ornament, this playful shape is very pleasing to observe in an aquascaped tank, as it provides an elegant and regal form.

From: £16.89
Biorb Ornament Lava Fire Coral

Stunning tangerine and fire shades of orange branches fan out into a dynamic composition with a brown rocky base. Visual impact is exclusively created for Reef One by Samuel Baker, award winning designer, and could be further emphasised with the addition of the BiOrb plant pack in blue.

Biorb Pink Barnacle Cluster

There is a relaxing, tranquil aesthetic to this ornament, whereby a peaceful atmosphere is created. This item of classy decor would look stunning in conjunction with the BiOrb sea shells set or some neutral feng shui marbles to complement the coarse textures of this centre piece.

Biorb Red Slate Stack

This is a colossal, grand centrepiece suited to a BiOrb Life 60L. The rustic shades of this piece are a stunning terracotta, and the layers create a three dimensional and urban quarry-like visual style.

Biorb Reef Coral Blue

Beautiful shades of lapis lazuli balance with cream and peachy tones to create a tasteful BiOrb centrepiece. The lifelike structures are a stunning replica of the complexity of natural forms found on the sea floor.

Biorb Reef Ornament

A compilation of assorted corals wrap elegantly around you BiOrb bubble tube. This bold and creative sculpture will undoubtedly add an injection of colour into your biorb.

Biorb Rock Sculpture

Natural forms and seabed shades are prominent features of this tactile biorb bubble tube decoration. Neutral and discreet, with fun arches for your fish to swim amongst, this is a perfect starting point for developing a realistic aquascaped BiOrb straight from the ocean.

Biorb Sea Stars on a Rock

Mimiking the stunning cosmic complexity of midnight sky, this mesmerising centrepiece will transport your BiOrb across the galaxies and down in the depths of the ocean floor.

Biorb White Shells on Stump

A tasteful tree stump with delicate Atlantic cockle shells arranged up a lattice of curvilinear vines. Sparkling angel white juxtaposes deep metallic ridges of bark in this artistic abstract sculpture.