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Betta Internal Filter Range

Here we have available a very reliable low cost internal filter As a guidance for what size of filter you need to do a clean up, depending on what size of tank you have and the type of fish you are stocking.

Blue Ribbon Aged Golden Dragon Aquarium Ornament (Medium)

High quality ornament for all freshwater and salt water aquariums

Blue Ribbon Aged Golden Dragon Aquarium Ornament (XL Extra Large)

High quality ornament for all freshwater and salt water aquariums

Boredom Breaker Medium Mirror With 3 Bells

The Medium Mirror with 3 Bells is a toy designed for birds (especially larger birds) to be stimulated and entertained.

Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge - Treat station for small animals

Inspired by our Shred-a-log, the Maze-a-log takes assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard ‘logs’ mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board to create a ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge

Rosewood Boredom Breakers Chew Tubes (Range)

Perfect for mixed sizes of animals, for hours of fun & playtime.

Rosewood Boredom Breakers Corn Rattle Rollers 2pk

The Bunny Fun Tree and Carrot Play Patch are designed for rabbits and guinea pigs, whilst the two sizes of Corn Tunnels are great for rats, chipmonks, hamsters and gerbils to play and sleep in.

Rosewood Large Bell Bird Toy

Great value, ‘old’ favourites which parrots such as conures, greys, amazons and cockatoos still love.

Rosewood Naturals Parrot Pecking Traffic Light Treat Toy

A chunky, edible wooden log filled with tasty biscuit mixture.

Rosewood Naturals Parrot Woodroll Treat Toy

A fantastic thick woodroll filled with carrots, peanut and coconut Includes a metal chain and claps. Ideal for spring, summer and autumn feeding made only from 100% natural ingredients.