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Betta Internal Filter Range

Here we have available a very reliable low cost internal filter As a guidance for what size of filter you need to do a clean up, depending on what size of tank you have and the type of fish you are stocking.

Boredom Breaker Medium Mirror With 3 Bells

The Medium Mirror with 3 Bells is a toy designed for birds (especially larger birds) to be stimulated and entertained.

Jolly Moggy Cute Mini Mice

Catnip infused cat toys from the Jolly Moggy Natural range. Keep your cat fit and quick with his reactions with frequent playtime.

Jolly Moggy Feather Bird

A feather bird natural catnip toy by Jolly Moggy. Filled with enticing catnip. Great fun for cats.

Jolly Moggy Natural Bird

A natural, feather, catnip toy that your cat will love.

Rosewood 3 Lattice Balls with Bell Small Bird Toy

The Rosewood Boredom Breaker 3 Lattice Balls with Bell small bird toy is designed to stimulate and entertain small birds such as budgies and canaries.

Rosewood WW Comet Small/Medium

The Comet toy is made from natural renewable and recycleable materials including bamboo, palm leaf and abaca which are suitable for birds, and which wild birds may encounter in the wild.