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Purple Dock leaf (Hemigraphis Colorata)

Purple Dock leaf (Hemigraphis Colorata)

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Purple Dock leaf (Hemigraphis Colorata)



Light Intensity

Medium Lighting

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Description:  This plant has a rather interesting colour scheme, the typical green on most leaved plants like this one is diluted and greying out, while on the underside and some of the front face of the leaf is overtaken by a light purple. The leaves also have rigid, jaggy edges giving them a sharp presentation, the stalks grow quite tall to allow the leaves a larger area to grow and spread.

Care instructions: This plant requires a decent amount of light and heat (23-28C) as well as a level 7 PH with minimal changes to the level. This plant will usually not create problems, but some may arise if proper care is not given.

What compliments it? This plant may look nice when placed to the side of a full coloured plant, something like a bombastic, full red plant will juxtapose the weakened greens and incomplete purples of this plant and allow you to centre the colour of your tank in the middle of the space.

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