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Aqua Soil Aquatic Compost (Range)

Aqua Soil Aquatic Compost has been specially formulated for all pond plants. Low nutrient levels are an important feature of aquatic compost which is used for planting pond plants to avoid raising nitrate levels in the pond which could cause green water problems.

From: £8.99
8 Pot / 8 Litres
20 Pot / 20 Litres
Betta Round Black Plant Basket 22cm Medium

Great in combination with hessian squares and Aqua Soil.

Betta Square Plant Basket Black 19cm / 23cm

Great in combination with hessian squares and Aqua Soil.

From: £1.29
19cm x 19cm
23cm x 23cm
Black Contour Plant Basket

A contour shape plant basket, coloured black. 45 x 18 x 15cm.

Egeria Najas Green Narrow Leaf  - Live Aquatic / Fish Plant

Egeria Najas - A plant great for coldwater aquariums and tanks. With fine / narrow green leaves and good oxygenation capabilities, this plant is a great addition to your aquarium.

From: £3.49
Elodea Oxygenator (Elodea Densa) - Live Aquatic / Fish Plant

Elodea Densa. Choose from Leaded Bunched Plant's or Potted Plant's

From: £3.49
Hessian Squares

Hessian Squares for water or pond plants to prevent the soil being washed from the plant.

Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) - Floating Pond Plant

With velvety rosette leaves, the water lettuce plant grows in slower moving water.