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NT Labs AquaClear Algae & Blanketweed Control

The Algae & Blanketweed Control treats algae and blanketweed problems inside a pond.

NT Labs Aquarium AxoCure - Axolotyl Medicine Bath 100ml

NT Labs Axocure is a specialist external parasitic infection treatment for Axolotls. Purposely created to treat for Monogenetic trematodes, Ichthyobodo and Chilodonella uncinata. For use as a medicine bath. Available in 100ml bottles, sufficient for up to 20L of water.

NT Labs Aquarium AxoTonic Axolotl Tonic Salt 500g

NT Labs AxoTonic is a salt mixture that sets the optimum water conditions for Axolotls. It adjusts the pH, kH, and gH levels of tap, and DI/RO water, along with adding vital trace elements to improve Axolotl health. AxoTonic also helps to reduce and support the recovery of fungal infections too. Available in 500g packs.

NT Labs AxoSafe Axolotl Tap Water Dechlorinator 100ml

NT Labs Axosafe is a special water conditioner specifically formulated for Axolotls. It contains specific elements which are safe to use with these creatures. Common fish type tap water dechlorinator's are not suitable for Axolotls. Available in 100ml bottles.

NT Labs Bacterad Anti-Ulcer, Finrot and Flukes

NT Labs Bacterad Anti-Ulcer, Finrot and Flukes  is a single dose treatment for ponds. Effective against bacteria and flukes (trematodes). Use when fish show red wounds, ulcers, missing scales, clamped fins, blotches, fin-rot.

NT Labs Barley Straw Pouch Single Pack

The NT Labs Barley Straw Pouch Single Pack treats 800 gallons or 3500 litres and is effective against algae and blanketweed. Natural decomposition of the barley straw gives rise to anti-algae factors.

NT Labs CristalClear Duckweed Control

NT Labs CristalClear Duckweed Control is used when there is a build-up of nuisance plants such as duckweed. CristalClear from NT Labs removes phosphate from the water, the nutrient responsible for the rapid spread of duckweed.

NT Labs Eradick Anti-Parasite & Fungus Treatment

NT Labs Eradick Anti-Parasite & Fungus Treatment is a five-day course of treatment for when fish show symptoms of parasitic infection such as irritation, flicking, gasping at the surface, covered in a thick opaque mucus or visible white spots on the body.

NT Labs FoamClear Anti-Foam

The actions of NT Labs FoamClear Anti-Foam will breakdown the froth, allowing carbon dioxide to escape from the water and helping to maintain the correct pH.

NT Labs Pro-F Axolotl Pellet Food (Range)

Pro-f Axolotl Pellets are a quick-sinking complete food, especially formulated to meet the dietary requirements of your axolotl, newts or African clawed frogs.

NT Labs SludgeClear Sludge Remover

NT Labs SludgeClear Sludge Remover is a blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to digest organic material in the sludge leading to a cleaner filter and pond with fewer opportunities for disease-causing organisms to hide.