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Aquadip Dosing Cups / Caps (30ml) - 1 Pack

30 ml dosing cup to help dosing the correct amount.

Aquadip Dosing Pump (2ml) - 1 Pack

Loose dosing pump which fits on every bottle of the AQUADIP Aquarium Care product range.
The riser pipe can be cut once to the size you need.
Each press is 2ml liquid.

Aquadip Dosing Syringes (5ml) - 1 Pack

Great for dosing aquariums with correct measurement / dose of treatment or medication. Accurate measuring details. 

Includes: 1 Dosing Syringe.

Aquamania Chiller Block Blue Single

Aquamania's Chiller Blocks are 18cm x 9cm x 3cm and blue. These are non-toxic freezable chiller or cooling blocks which are great for keeping live foods cooler for longer and fresher and are easy to use.

Aquamania Mini Plastic Magnifying Glass

Useful for checking for animal worms, fungus in aquatic animals and others.