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PondoMatic Vacuum

The Pontec Pondomatic is an entry level pond and pool vacuum cleaner, it offers you great performance at an affordable price.

Aqua Soil Aquatic Compost (Range)

Aqua Soil Aquatic Compost has been specially formulated for all pond plants. Low nutrient levels are an important feature of aquatic compost which is used for planting pond plants to avoid raising nitrate levels in the pond which could cause green water problems.

From: £8.99
8 Pot / 8 Litres
20 Pot / 20 Litres
Aquadip Dosing Cups / Caps (30ml) - 1 Pack

30 ml dosing cup to help dosing the correct amount.

Aquadip Dosing Pump (2ml) - 1 Pack

Loose dosing pump which fits on every bottle of the AQUADIP Aquarium Care product range.
The riser pipe can be cut once to the size you need.
Each press is 2ml liquid.

Aquadip Dosing Syringes (5ml) - 1 Pack

Great for dosing aquariums with correct measurement / dose of treatment or medication. Accurate measuring details. 

Includes: 1 Dosing Syringe.

Aquamania Pet / Reptile Boarding Service

Are you going on holiday? We will take care of your beloved animal(s).

Betta 45 x 18 x 15 Contour Plant Basket Black

For potting or planting aquatic plants and nature features in your pond. Contour shape for depth and difference in layout of plants.

Betta Fish Net - Coarse / Fine 4"-10"

Betta fish nets (coarse and fine available) in different sizes from 4" to 10". 

Betta Instant Cascade Pool Pre-Form Feature

Betta Instant Cascade creates a waterfall feature within a pond. 800mm x 500mm approx.

Betta Instant Header Pool Pre-Form Feature

Betta Instant Header Pool creates an attracticve pool feature within a pond. 800mm x 500mm approx.

Betta Instant Stream Pre-Form Feature

Betta Instant Stream creates a stream feature within a pond. 1050mm x 350mm approx.

Betta Round Black Plant Basket 22cm Medium

Great in combination with hessian squares and Aqua Soil.

Betta Square Plant Basket Black 19cm / 23cm

Great in combination with hessian squares and Aqua Soil.

From: £1.29
19cm x 19cm
23cm x 23cm
Betta Wells 125L Instant Pond Pre-Form

Betta Wells Instant Pool 125L is an instant preformed pond made from durable PVC and is available in two different designs.

Betta Yeovil 60L Instant Pond Pre-Form

Betta Yeovil Instant Pond 60L is an instant preformed pond made from durable PVC and is available in two designs.

Black Alder Cones (Alnus Glutinosa)

The alder cones release tannins into your tank creating black water which is beneficial to most shrimps and south american fish including discus,tetras,corys etc..

From: £3.99
Pack Size
50g (1x50g)
150g (3x50g)
250g (5x50g)
500g (10x50g)
Blagdon 2.3m Telescopic Net Handle Delux

Blagdom 230cm Telescopic Handle.

Blagdon 35cm Square Pond Net Head

Blagdon 35cm Square Net Head. (Net Head Only)

Blagdon 48" Aluminium Handle For Koi Net

Fits the 35cm Square Net Head

Blagdon Pond Net 10x7" with 36" Handle (Coarse / Fine)

Blagdon Fine / Coarse Hand Net - 10" x 7" Net with 36" Handle.

From: £12.99
Butterfly and Bee Wildflower Seeds Mix 25g

Beautiful for your garden and beneficial to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. For this collection, we’ve chosen nothing but the best for bees and butterflies - a treasure trove of nectar-rich wildflowers recommended by the RHS, along with a wide variety of perennials and grasses to develop a hearty habitat for passing pollinators that’s as lovely for you as it is for them!

Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seeds Mix 25g

Our signature Cornfield Annuals mix includes bold and crisp colouration for any number of occasions!

Hessian Squares

Hessian Squares for water or pond plants to prevent the soil being washed from the plant.

Pontec PondoFeed Ring Feeding

Keeps the fish food in place — easy to fix to the rim of the pond or in the ground

Supa 6" Kiddies Pond Net

Perfect for simple upkeep of ponds or pools and suitable for kids, playing around in the pool / pond.

Supa Big 10' Plant Weight (3 Metre / 10 Feet)

A roll of lead 10ft long which can be cut to the desired length