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Cuttlefish bone / cuttlebone 8-10cm

Cuttlebone provides calcium for a range of animals from birds to turtles to snails.

Deep Clean Reptile Disinfectant

Beaphar Deep Clean Disinfectant is a long lasting, highly effective disinfectant for small animal houses. Its deep-cleansing action is ideal for plastic cages, & hard surfaces. It is a biocide with proven efficacy against many dangerous bacteria, fungi & viruses. 

Glass Door Strip 30cm (2pk)

Sliding doors on terrariums commonly have a small gap where the doors overlap.  Komodo's Glass Door Strips reduce the possibility of feeder insects and hatchlings escaping through that gap by sealing the open space. 

HabiStat H2O Balls Tub

Habistat H20 Balls are an insect hydration formula which provide a vital source of water for insects.

HabiStat Insecta Shot Tub

- Suitable for most feeder insects - Extremely popular with breeders and keepers Warning: Not for Human Consumption. Avoid inhalation of dust.

Jelly Pots Assorted

Perfect for insects such as beetles, cockroaches and millipedes, Komodo's Jelly Pots are a convenient way to provide well nourished live food to reptiles. 

Monkfield Vermiculite Fine

Monkfield Vermiculite Fine 4L can be used as a substrate, used for egg laying or as an incubation medium. Vermiculite retains high levels of humidity. It is also 100% natural. 

UniHeat Hand / Multi-Function Warmers

UniHeat Hand Warmers - 2 Hand warmers (1 Pair) in one twin pack.

UniHeat Long Hour Warmers - For livestock transportation

UniHeat 20 - 96+ Hour Heat Pack Range.