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Beaphar Clicker Trainer

Dogs are intelligent, thinking creatures – and the more opportunities they have to use their skills and learn through kind methods of training

Beaphar Puppy Training Pads

Beaphars Puppy Pads are super-absorbent, keeping your pet and your home clean and dry.

Beaphar Quick Clean Dog 250ml

Beaphar Quick Clean for dogs is an easy to use spray, which cleans and freshens your dog’s fur, removing dirt and unpleasant odours.

Beaphars Spray Away 400ml

Beaphar Spray Away Plus is based on the latest friendly-microbe technology, and is an astonishingly effective carpet cleaner.

Dog ID Tubes
Komodo Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Komodo Hand Sanitiser 500ml kills germs without need for soap or water and helps to reduce bacteria on skin and kills 99.9% of known germs and bacteria. Use after handling pets or between vivariums. With added Aloe Vera.

Swiftie Pet Trainer 20ml

Beaphar Swiftie is a concentrated liquid that acts as an attractant when toilet training young pets. A few drops of Swiftie added