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Misc. Aquatics

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Aquamania Chiller Block Blue Single

Aquamania's Chiller Blocks are 18cm x 9cm x 3cm and blue. These are non-toxic freezable chiller or cooling blocks which are great for keeping live foods cooler for longer and fresher and are easy to use.

Aquamania Red/Black Silicon 310ml Gun

A red and black silicon gun to fit 310ml silicon tubes. Made from tough metal and durable springs.

Aquamania Worm Feeder Cone with Suction Cup

Aquamania Worm Feeder Cone with Suction Cup

Betta Fish Net - Coarse / Fine 4"-10"

Betta fish nets (coarse and fine available) in different sizes from 4" to 10". 

Cuttlefish Bone 8-10cm

100% Natural Cuttlefish bone for your bird or turtle

Ista / Waterplant Snail Trap

The Ista snail trap has a special design that only allows snails to crawl into the centre.

Ista Planting Clips

Allows manipulating with precision and delicacy even with the smallest and the most delicate aquatic plants.

Ista Planting Scissors

Stainless steel assures excellent flexibility and prevents corrosion.

Juwel Conexo High Strength Aquarium Adhesive 80ml

JUWEL Conexo is an extremely effective glue, particularly for permanently attaching plastics to glass. Conexo can also be used on a wet background and even underwater.

Juwel Silexo Aquarium Sealant 80ml

JUWEL silicone is a high-performance silicone which was specially developed for use in aquariums. It fulfils the high standards of the DIN (German Industry Standard) for the production of aquariums. JUWEL silicone hardens extra quickly, becoming completely odourless and releasing no toxic material into the water.

King British Aquarium Sealant

King British Aquarium Sealant is a silicone sealant ideal for aquaria building/repair, mounting valves and sealing connections. It offers a permanently flexible, watertight seal and excellent adhesion even under extreme pressure. It is harmless to fresh and saltwater fish.

T Meter Digital Aquarium Thermometer Blue

A simple and easy to use digital thermometer for your tank or aquarium with an accurate temperate reading.

Tetra DecoArt Poster Buddha & Bamboo

Easy to fix Tetra DecoArt poster that is double sided.

Tetra DecoArt Poster Turtle & Reef

Easy to fix Tetra DecoArt poster that is double sided.

UniHeat Hand / Multi-Function Warmers

UniHeat Hand Warmers - 2 Hand warmers (1 Pair) in one twin pack.

UniHeat Long Hour Warmers - For livestock transportation

UniHeat 20 - 96+ Hour Heat Pack Range.