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Betta H5 Lifespace Replacement LED Light Red/White

Betta H5 Lifespace Replacement LED Light Red/White

HaiYang H3 Lifespace LED Lamp (White)

H3 LED Lamp Replacement by HaiYang.

HaiYang H7 Lifespace Replacement LED Lamp (Red & White)

HaiYang H7 Replacement LED Light Red/White

Juwel Aquarium LED Colour Tube (Range)

The energy-saving LED Colour lighting medium emphasises blue and red colours and thereby highlights the colourful splendour of the fish and plants in your aquarium.

590mm / 14W
742mm / 19W
895mm / 23W
1047mm / 29W
Juwel Aquarium LED Day Tube (Range)

The special light spectrum of the energy-saving LED Day makes the most of the natural colours in your animal and plant world.

590mm / 14W
742mm / 19W
895mm / 23W
1047mm / 29W
Juwel HeliaLux Spectrum LED Light Unit

The HeliaLux Spectrum is a high-performance LED light unit for your JUWEL aquarium.

Size / Tank Size
550 - (Trigon 350)
600 - (Lido 120)
700 - (Trigon 190, Lido 200)
800 - (Rio 125)
920 -(Vision 180)
1000 - (Rio 180, Trigon 350)
1200 -(R240, R350, Vision 260)
1500 -(Rio 450, Vision 450)
Juwel HiFlex Reflector

Increase the light yield in your aquarium by more than 100% with the new HiFlex reflectors. The special geometry of this new generation

Juwel T5 Reflector Clips

Here we have the specific reflector clips needed for use with the T5 high-lite units. Note that these clips are different to those used in the older style T8 Juwel Lighting systems. 

Juwel T8 High-Lite End Caps

We recommend to replace these Juwel end caps every time you need to change the light tubes in your aquarium to ensure that the light unit remains waterproof.