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Kockney Koi

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KK/ YAMITSU Superior Mix

Kockney Koi / YAMITSU Superior Mix is a complete fish food is available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 16mm to enable you to select the best size for your fish

From: £7.99

Kockney Koi / YAMITSU Bombay Mix is a complete food for all sizes of pond fish. Bombay Mix consists of a blend of sticks and pellets from 2mm to 16mm.

From: £9.99
KK/YAMITSU Peaches & Cream

This is a complete two colour floating food stick that does not need supplementing. It encourages healthy growth and its added colour enhancer brings out the best in your fish.

From: £9.99
Yamitsu / Kockey Koi UV Water Steriliser Algae Master (Various Sizes)

We have been producing high quality Algae Masters in Great Britain since 1990. Their unique specification and design ensures a high efficiency unit at an affordable price.

From: £89.99
Yamitsu / Kockney Koi Waterproof In-Line Connector

Kockney Koi / YAMITSU Aqua-Safe Waterproof In-Line Connector - a connector to suit cable DIA 5-9mm with 3 pole 250V plug and socket.