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Frozen Tropical/Coldwater Food




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Frozen Freshwater Deal (12Pk)

Aquamania's Nutris Frozen Freshwater Fish Food Deal contains an amazing variety of food types to cure your fishes' hunger.

Nutris Bloodworm

High quality, cleaned and fresh frozen bloodworms that are a highly nutritious natural feed that most species of tropical fish find very delicious.

Nutris Brine Shrimp

These whole, live, Brine Shrimp are quickly frozen with CO2 "flash-freezers" and packed in unique, patented plastic cube trays.

Nutris Daphnia

Frozen Nutris Daphnia contains high quality fresh frozen zooplankton perfect for smaller freshwater fish. 

Nutris Mysis

These premium quality shrimps are highly appreciated by all carnivorous freshwater and marine fish.

Nutris Tropical Quintet

Frozen Nutris Tropical Quintet is a combination of five different premium single ingredients (big and small bloodworms, Daphnia, Artemia Brine Shrimp and Mysis)

Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Mix

Frozen Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Mix is a superb blend of fish meat, bloodworm, daphnia, mysis shrimp and chopped cockles that is a perfect choice for all carnivorous Cichlids.

Ocean Nutrition Cyclops

Frozen Cyclops contains small, fresh frozen zooplankton, the perfect live food replacement for both freshwater and marine fish larvae. 

Ocean Nutrition Discus Food

Frozen O/N Discus Food is a blend of beef heart and spinach resulting in rapid growth and colour enhancement of your Discus

Ocean Nutrition Gammarus

Fresh frozen Gammarus contains considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids compared to the dried Gammarus.

Ocean Nutrition Krill Pacifica

Pacific Krill (Euphasia pacifica) are small shrimp-like invertebrates collected in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. They are a relatively large form of zooplankton. 

Ocean Nutrition Malawi Mix

Frozen Ocean Nutrition Malawi Mix is a blend of spinach, Mysis shrimp, fish meat, pacific Krill and Daphnia that is designed for the community Malawi Cichlid tank.

Ocean Nutrition Spinach

Frozen Spinach contains chopped spinach that is an excellent source of fiber - essential for many herbivorous species of fish.

Ocean Nutrition Tubifex

Frozen Tubifex is a fresh frozen, well-cleaned natural food item that is an excellent and popular food source for your fish.

Ocean Nutrition Whole Cockles

These small, select, whole cockles are well cleaned and fresh frozen. This is an excellent source of protein for a variety of tropical and marine fish.

Ocean Nutrition Whole Mussels

These small, select, whole mussels are well cleaned and fresh frozen.

Frozen Tropical/Coldwater Freshwater Fish Food delivered straight to your door is now available! 

We have a huge range of frozen foods suitable for all kinds of tropical and coldwater fish types. 

Browse through our range to pick and choose the foods that suit your fish best, with plenty to choose from such as Frozen Daphnia, Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp, Cyclops, Mysis, Spinach, Krill and much more. 

These frozen foods all come in easy-use packets. Simply pop out a cube of frozen freshwater fish food and drop it in your aquarium! No mess, no fuss and easy to evenly distribute around the tank. 

Why not feed a mixture of Frozen and Dry foods? See our Dry Fish Foods section for more details. Please note: At times, the frozen food supplied may be of a different brand than that displayed in the images and descriptions below. We guarantee however, that the food supplied will be of an equally high quality and an equivalent weight.