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Frozen Marine Fish Foods




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Frozen Krill Pacifica Marine Food

Pacific Krill (Euphasia pacifica) are small shrimp-like invertebrates collected in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Frozen Lance Fish Marine Food

Lance fish are small, elongated fishes that occur naturally in large schools in shallow sandy areas.

Frozen Marine Deal (12Pk)

Aquamania's Frozen Marine Fish Food Deal contains an amazing variety of food types to cure your fishes' hunger.

Frozen Marine Deal (18Pk)

Aquamania's Ocean Nutrition Frozen Marine Fish Food Deal contains an amazing variety of food types to cure your fishes' hunger.

Frozen Marine Quintet Food

A combination of five premium single ingredients (Artemia, red plankton, squid, chopped cockle and chopped krill superba) in one package to bring variation to the menu for your marine fish.

Frozen MBF Marine Mix Food

This blend of Artemia, Pacific Krill, Chopped Cockles and Red Plankton is an ideal food for the marine community tank.

Frozen Micro Plankton Food

MBF Micro Plankton Marine Food is a balanced blend of nutritious micro-particles for sponges, corals and anemones.

Frozen Nutris Brine Shrimp Food

These whole, live, Brine Shrimp are quickly frozen with our CO2 "flash-freezer" and packed in our unique, patented plastic cube tray.

Frozen Nutris Mysis Food

These premium quality shrimps are highly appreciated by all carnivorous freshwater and marine fish.

Frozen Red Plankton Food

Frozen MBF Red Plankton Marine Food contains an omnivorous copepod called Calanus finmarchicus.

Frozen Whole Cockles Food

These small, select, whole cockles are well cleaned and fresh frozen. This is an excellent source of marine protein for a variety of marine fish.

Frozen Whole Mussels Food

These small, select, whole mussels are well cleaned and fresh frozen.

Frozen Marine Fish Food delivered straight to your door is now available! 

We have a huge range of frozen foods suitable for all kinds of marine fish, inverts and corals. 

Browse through our range to pick and choose the foods that suit your fish best, with plenty to choose from such as Frozen Brine Shrimp, Krill, Lance Fish, Lobster Eggs, Plankton, Mysis, Cockles, Mussels and much more. 

These frozen foods all come in easy-use packets. Simply pop out a cube of frozen marine fish food and drop it in your aquarium! No mess, no fuss and easy to evenly distribute around the tank