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Aquamania Cuttlefish bone / cuttlebone (Estimated 95-105g)

Cuttlebone provides calcium for a range of animals from birds to turtles to snails and other animals and invertebrates. 95-105g bags.

Pack Quantity
1 Pack
3 Pack
5 Pack
10 Pack
Arcadia Earth-Pro Amphibi Gold - All Natural Food or Amphibian Diet (80g)

EarthPro-AmphibiGold is a wholly natural, totally reformulated, Wild-like small pelleted diet for Amphibians including Axolotls, Clawed frogs, Newts and Salamanders.

EcoSystems Aquarium V-Clip White / Blue (Single Pack) - Veggie / Food Clip

The V-Clip (veggie clip) is the perfect tool for feeding grazing types of fish.

Juwel EasyFeed Automatic Fish Feeder

The JUWEL automatic feeder is the perfect addition to your aquarium. Every JUWEL aquarium is already equipped for the easy assembly of this automatic feeder, making it ready for use immediately.

Juwel SmartFeed 2.0 Premium Automatic Fish Feeder

The SmartFeed 2.0 is the premium automatic feeder for granulate and flake feed with an extended range of functions. Using the right mounting support, it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly to any JUWEL aquarium.

King British Turtle & Terrapin Complete Food

King British Turtle & Terrapin Complete Food is a complete and balanced diet, containing floating food sticks, ocean shrimp and krill. Scientifically developed to meet the nutritional requirements of all turtles and terrapins.

King British Turtle & Terrapin Mixed Deal (Water Safe, Water Freshener, Multi-Vitamin, CompleteFood)

A mixed combo deal for all 4 main King British Turtle / Terrapin Treatments to provide a clean and healthy environment for your turtles or terrapins to live in and feed them with great nutritious foods. Includes King British Products: Water Safe, Water Freshener, Multi-Vitamins and Complete Food 80g food tub.