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Fluval Chi Foam Pads (2 Pack)

The Fluval Chi Foam Pad captures larger particles and debris and are custom fit to prevent bypass.

Fluval Sucker (4 Pack)

Fluval Suction Cups x 4. Suitable for Fluval External Filters 03 Range Fluval and Fluval Plus Internal Filters Biolife 35 and 55 Filters and AquaClear Power Heads.

Fluval Biomax 170g

Specifically designed for the Fluval U2/U3/U4 filters, BioMax provides an optimal environment for the colonization and growth of beneficial bacteria.

Fluval Edge Algae Clear

Fluval Edge Algae Clear traps phosphate, nitrate and nitrite. It also reduces odours, makes maintenance easier and provides crystal clear water to create ideal conditions for fish.

Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge (1 Pack)

The Edge Pre-Filter Sponge effectively collects fine debris and keeps your aquarium clean.