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Arcadia Water Purifier Poly Filter - Standard 200 x 100mm

An established favourite from the U.S. the unique POLY-FILTER is now available once more through Arcadia. Poly-Filter is a real asset in the fight to achieve the best water quality and sparkling clarity in your aquarium. (Can be cut to size)

Juwel BioBoost Pouch Filter Accelerator

JUWEL bioBoost immediately activates new filter media and accelerates the filtration performance in your aquarium.

NT Labs Marine Filter Media Bags

Filter Media Bags should be used to contain loose active filter media, such as Supercarb or Phosphate Remover.

Ro-Man Water Filtration Sediment Filter 5 Micron

This is a 5 micron sedimentary filter made from spun polypropylene. It has an extra high capacity and is fully durable. These filters will fit standard reverse osmosis systems.