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Biorb Airstone

The air stone at the base of the aquarium breaks up the flow of air into the aquarium into a mass of bubbles.

Biorb Ceramic Media

Beneficial Bacteria live on the highly porous ceramic media. This biological filtration converts the waste produced by the fish and ensures that the aquarium remains a healthy environment.

Biorb Clean Pads

At least every 6 months a check should be made by disconnecting the air pump and lowering the air line below the water line.

Biorb New 12-Volt DC Air Pump (2022 Model)

  • If your biOrb aquarium air pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous, it may be time to replace the pump
  • Replacing the air pump is simple - unplug the old one and plug in the new one to the transformer
  • Low voltage air pump is designed for quiet operation and stability
  • Replacement air pump for all 2nd generation biOrb aquariums

Biorb Scratch Remover & Polish

'Reef One' Scratch Remover and Polish is the perfect solution for Removing Scratches and Haziness from the Plastic Surfaces of all Aquariums including Acrylic.

Biorb Service Kit Standard

The kit contains everything you will need to service your aquarium including conditioners to remove harmful chlorine from your tap water.