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eSHa 2000 Fungus, Finrot and Bacteria Treatment 20ml

Aquarium Treatment Esha 2000 For Fungus, Finrot And Bacteria eSHa 2000 treatment is a wide range action that treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms.

eSHa Exit Anti Whitespot Treatment 20ml

eSHa EXIT is an effective treatment against all Spot (lchthyophthirius) diseases

eSHa GASTROPEX Aquatic Snail Treatment 10ml

Gastropex effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium.

Esha Gdex Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes & Tapeworms Treatment for Fish

eSHa gdex is specially developed against skin and gill flukes (like Gyrodactylus sp. and Dactylogyrus sp.) and tapeworms (Cestoda).

Esha OODINEX Wide Range Marine Treatment 20ml

eSHa OODINEX is a wide range disease treatment for marine fish in aquariums that contain invertebrates.

eSHa OPTIMA Fish Health Booster 20ml

eSHa Optima is a unique combination of trace elements, minerals and vitamins that are missing from your tap water.

eSHa Protalon-707 Anti Algae Treatment 20ml +10ml

eSHa Protalon 707 is a high effective alga fight means consisting of 2 substances. Plant Safe.