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Classic Aquatics Asian Temple

The Classic Aquatics Asian Temple is a decorative aquarium or tank feature. The Asian Temple comes in two colours, gold / bronze and silver.

Classic Aquatics No Fishing Signs

The Classic Aquatics No Fishing Signs are decorative aquarium or tank ornaments. The signs read "NO FISHING", and the sign is in a colour of your preference. ​​​​​​​ Size: 55 x 45 x 80mm

Classic Aquatics Small Skull Ass.

Classic Aquatics Small Skull Assorted are two styles of skulls that are for aquariums and fish tanks and provide a bright grey / white skull to the tank. The two styles are: a skull with an eye patch and sword / dagger and the second style of a skull with a broken barrel. ​​​​​​​Size: 90 x 75 x 80mm

Classic Aquatics Spooky Skull

Classic Aquatics Spooky Skull is an ornament for fish tanks and aquariums that is very detailed and has an ancient or old, spooky look to it. Size: 105 x 75 x 85mm

Classic Small Animal Clear Water Bottles (Range)
Mini - 75ml
Small - 150ml
Midi - 320ml
Large - 600ml