Product Updates April 2024

Product Updates April 2024

Hi everyone! 

Back again for this months product update for April! 

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So for February and March, the blogs had an error which messed up the information on them… that means this month is going to be a bigger update with February, March and April's updates all in 1!

Let's get to it.

Firstly, a huge update for the Axolotyl keepers, we now have a treatment for external parasites for your cool amphibian friends. This is a medicine bath for your axolotyl that is safe for them. Here it is! Also, to find out a little more about it, on the product description, 2 videos are attached to show you how to use this producs and some information about it! 

Next we have a huge update of the aquarium gravels and sand including additions to the range and some no longer available. We now have silver sand available as a 20KG sack, some fine crystal gravel available in 2kg or 20kg, wildlife gravel 1kg bags and all of our range updated with new colours (purple, blue, red, yellow… and more). 

On the topic of gravel, here is our own branded Aquarium or wildlife gravel which looks natural and brilliant in both outdoor aquatic setups and wildlife areas and indoors aquariums, terrariums, amphibian or reptile housing and more. 

Subscriptions are now available for weekly orders of live fish food. I tested this at first with just Daphnia and it was well received and the people wanted more… so here it is. You can now get a weekly order of River Shrimp, Daphnia, Bloodworm, Tubifex worms, Brine Shrimp, Baby Brine Shrimp, Jumbo Bloodworm, Glassworms, Copepods and Mysis Shrimp. Here is the page so you can get some livefoods. 

Next on the list is more airline straight connectors - bright green might I add. These are standard 6mm airline straight connectors to connect 2 pieces of airline together easily. 

Over the years we have also sold some wild bird foods. We used to do large sacks and small bags however the large sacks are soon to be discontinued. We are continuing on with the bags of various weights so you can find these here: 

AWESOME NEWS! As some may have seen in our last post, we have a huge 20% off sale on our full remaining range of Biorb Aquariums. Sale ends 30th April - so make sure to grab this huge deal whilst you can (and whilst stocks last). check it out here: 

On the topic of Biorb - we now have the Biorb Tube 30L available in either Black or White and the Halo 15L and 30L available in white - these are also added on to the sale too. 


That is most of the product updates for this month however I imagine I have forgotten to add a few. 

Thank you for having a read of this and your custom from our website. 

See you next time! 


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