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2 Way Air Control Valve

Fluval 2 Air Way Air Control Valve is developed using a selection of premium materials for strength and robustness. Allowing you to restrict the amount of air passing through the valve to control air stones, air pumps, air walls or operated action pumps, the innovative tool is both useful and practical for all sized aquariums. 

EcoSystems Aquarium V-Clip White / Blue (Single Pack)

The V-Clip (veggie clip) is the perfect tool for feeding grazing types of fish.

Flex LED Air Curtain 35.5cm

Marina Flexible LED Air Curtain provides an excellent way of adding visual pizzaz to aquascapes as well as improving water circulation and oxygenation.

Fluval Sucker (4 Pack)

Fluval Suction Cups x 4. Suitable for Fluval External Filters 03 Range Fluval and Fluval Plus Internal Filters Biolife 35 and 55 Filters and AquaClear Power Heads.

Juwel Aqua Clean 2.0 Gravel Cleaner

The JUWEL AquaClean 2.0 is the ideal tool for cleaning the Juwel inside filter and the ground material in your aquarium.

NT Labs Marine Filter Media Bags

Filter Media Bags should be used to contain loose active filter media, such as Supercarb or Phosphate Remover.

Ro-Man Water Filtration Sediment Filter 5 Micron

This is a 5 micron sedimentary filter made from spun polypropylene. It has an extra high capacity and is fully durable. These filters will fit standard reverse osmosis systems.

School Experiments Package

A package containing Daphnia Live Food and Elodea Oxygenating Live Plants (depending on selection) used for school experiments or feeding.

From: £4.78
Tropical Marine Centre Coral Cradle (Bulk 35 Pack White)

Great for your tropical marine aquariums for safely and securely holding coral inside your tank.

UniHeat Transportation Warmers - For livestock transportation

UniHeat 20 - 96+ Hour Heat Pack Range.

From: £2.19