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Aquamania Airline Elbow Connector (Clear, 6mm, 2 pack)

6mm Airline elbow connectors for your aquarium.

Aquamania Airline Straight Connectors (6mm) (2 Pack)

Aquamania Straight Connectors for 6mm airline.

Aquamania Airline Suckers 6mm (4 Pack)

A 4 pack of Aquamania, clear airline suckers. Suitable for all 6mm airline and easy to hide in your aquariums.

Aquamania Chiller Block Blue Single

Aquamania's Chiller Blocks are 18cm x 9cm x 3cm and blue. These are non-toxic freezable chiller or cooling blocks which are great for keeping live foods cooler for longer and fresher and are easy to use.

Aquamania Non-Return Check Valve (Black or Red)

Aquamania's Non-return check valves are reliable check valves. Compatible with all 6mm airline.

Aquamania Stick On LCD Thermometer

Aquamania's Black, stick-on LCD Thermometer for your tank or aquarium.

Aquamania Turtle Mix

Aquamania's Turtle Mix, an exclusive to Aquamania Superstore, brand new turtle food.

From: £3.99
Aquamania Worm Feeder Cone with Suction Cup

Aquamania Worm Feeder Cone with Suction Cup

Cuttlefish Bone 8-10cm

100% Natural Cuttlefish bone for your bird or turtle

Live River Shrimp

The shrimps are in different sizes from 10 mm to 25 mm. Very high in protein River Shrimps are perfect live fish food suitable to feed all predatory freshwater and marine fish along with various Reptiles and Amphibians. A portion is between 7 & 10 Shrimps depending on the size Larger towards 7 Smaller towards 10.

From: £3.49
Microworms Starter Culture Bag

Microworms are a great live food type perfect for fry or young, small fish.  They are extremely easy to culture and can last for a long time in the right conditions.