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Arcadia Earth-Pro Amphibi Gold - All Natural Food or Amphibian Diet (80g)

EarthPro-AmphibiGold is a wholly natural, totally reformulated, Wild-like small pelleted diet for Amphibians including Axolotls, Clawed frogs, Newts and Salamanders.

NT Labs Aquarium AxoCure - Axolotyl Medicine Bath 100ml

NT Labs Axocure is a specialist external parasitic infection treatment for Axolotls. Purposely created to treat for Monogenetic trematodes, Ichthyobodo and Chilodonella uncinata. For use as a medicine bath. Available in 100ml bottles, sufficient for up to 20L of water.

NT Labs Aquarium AxoTonic Axolotl Tonic Salt 500g

NT Labs AxoTonic is a salt mixture that sets the optimum water conditions for Axolotls. It adjusts the pH, kH, and gH levels of tap, and DI/RO water, along with adding vital trace elements to improve Axolotl health. AxoTonic also helps to reduce and support the recovery of fungal infections too. Available in 500g packs.

NT Labs AxoSafe Axolotl Tap Water Dechlorinator 100ml

NT Labs Axosafe is a special water conditioner specifically formulated for Axolotls. It contains specific elements which are safe to use with these creatures. Common fish type tap water dechlorinator's are not suitable for Axolotls. Available in 100ml bottles.

NT Labs Pro-F Axolotl Pellet Food (Range)

Pro-f Axolotl Pellets are a quick-sinking complete food, especially formulated to meet the dietary requirements of your axolotl, newts or African clawed frogs.

Junior Pellets - 60g
Adult Pellets - 165g