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Ammonia Treatment / Bacteria Booster

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API 5 in 1 Test Strips

In order for fish to thrive, water conditions in the aquarium need to be the same or very similar to those found in nature.

API Ammo-Lock 118ml

If the aquarium tests positive for ammonia, act quickly by doing a partial water change and then neutralize the ammonia.

API Ammonia Test Strips

The quick and accurate way to test for the presence of ammonia. This kit reads 0-6 ppm of ammonia. Desiccant-lined tube, with snap-tight cap, provides maximum moisture protection for accurate results

API Liquid Ammonia Test Kit

Quickly & accurately measures the level of ammonia in pond water, reading levels from 0 ppm to 8 ppm. Makes 130 tests.

API Monthly Care

MONTHLY CARE contains 4 different aquarium treatments, each provided in single dose formats.   To maintain a healthy aquarium, it’s important to change the water and treat it monthly.

Freshwater Master Test Kit

Taking a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor aquarium conditions is the key to a healthy aquarium.  The FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT tests the parameters that affect the health of freshwater fish: pH, High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.

King British Filter Aid +

King British Filter Aid+ is a rich-source of friendly-microbes that will help you maintain better water quality. A weekly addition to your aquarium water will reduce harmful ammonia & nitrite, making the water safer for your fish.

Nutrafin Betta Enviro-Clean Biological Betta Bown Cleaner

Biological Betta Bowl Cleaner from Nutrafin 60ml - designed to enhance cleaner living conditions and reduce waste in set-ups of Betta and Siamese Fighting fish.