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Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

API Master Reef Test Kit
The REEF MASTER TEST KIT tests 4 key parameters to keep reef inhabitants healthy. The kit is highly accurate and economical
£26.24 £34.99
Aqua Clean Gravel Cleaner
JUWEL Aqua Clean is the ideal tool for cleaning your Juwel internal filter and the ground material of your Juwel aquarium. Aqua Clean is suitable for aquariums with a height of up to 60 cm thanks to intake tubes that may be individually combined.
£10.49 £13.99
Fluidised Reactor with Pump
The H2Ocean Fluidised Reactor with Pump (also known as the Nutrifix Reactor) has been specially developed to offer fast and efficient fluidising of a number of materials for freshwater and marine aquariums.
£56.24 £74.99