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Fat Tail Gecko Powder 75g
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Komodo's Premium Livefoods Booster for Fat Tailed Geckos has been scientifically formulated to provide 100% of the nutritional requirements of Fat Tailed Geckos when applied to feeder insects.
Nutrobal 250g
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Vitamins minerals and calcium in a very fine powder. Use to dust livefood / defrosted rodents prior to feeding to reptiles.
Repashy Grubs & Fruit 170g
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•Complete diet •50% fruit and 30% insect protein •Can be used in rotation with other MRP •Great for more carnivorous geckos •Great for juvenile geckos
Repguard 100ml (Mite Spray)
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Namiba®'s RepGuard® is used for the destruction of mites, fleas and other ectoparasites. Only biological substances are used, making its use safe for reptiles.