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Komodo Aspen Bedding Terrain
Komodo's Aspen Bedding Terrain is reptile bedding that is absorbent, virtually dust-free and odourless. It is a great substrate for corn snakes, king snakes, royal pythons and more. The professionals' choice of reptile bedding.
Komodo CaCO3 Sand Coloured 4KG
100% calcium carbonate harvested from selected sources around the world. The 1st choice for bearded dragons, uromastyxs and monitor lizards. Available in various colours.
Komodo Coconut Terrain
Komodo Coconut Terrain is a versatile reptile substrate for humid or arid habitats which is 100% natural. This coconut terrain can be used for a wide range of animals partially because it can be used dry, slightly humid or even wet. 
Monkfield Aspen Bedding
Monkfield Aspen Bedding is reptile bedding that is absorbent, virtually dust-free and odourless. 
Monkfield Herbifloor
Monkfield Herbifloor is a substrate made of compressed grass pellets and is very absorbent. It is also biodegradable. Perfect for tortoises, iguanas, and many other larger reptiles. This product is not harmful if digested.
Monkfield Orchid Bark Fine
Monkfield Orchid Bark Fine is a 100% natural bedding or substrate for reptiles. It is absorbent and biodegradable.
Monkfield Spider Substrate
Monkfield Spider Substrate is a very absorbent substrate for spiders and other burrowing species. It is also easy to spot clean.
Monkfield Tortoise Terrain
Monkfield Tortoise Terrain consists of top soil, sand and Limestone grit. Tortoise Terrain is ideal for most tortoise species.
Monkfield Vermiculite Fine
Monkfield Vermiculite Fine 4L can be used as a substrate, used for egg laying or as an incubation medium. Vermiculite retains high levels of humidity. It is also 100% natural.