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Miscellaneous Pond Products

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PondoMatic Vacuum
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The Pontec Pondomatic is an entry level pond and pool vacuum cleaner, it offers you great performance at an affordable price.
Black Circle Plant Basket
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A circular plant basket, coloured black. 22cm Diameter.
Black Contour Plant Basket
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A contour shape plant basket, coloured black. 45 x 18 x 15cm.
Black Square Plant Basket Large
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A square plant basket, coloured black. 23 x 23cm area.
Black Square Plant Basket Small
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A square plant basket, coloured black. 19 x 19cm area.
Floating Pond Heater FTR100
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The Resun Floating Pond Heater FTR100 is used as both a foothold for birds and to de-ice the pond as well as heat the pond.
Hessian Squares
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Hessian Squares for water or pond plants to prevent the soil being washed from the plant.
King British 6 in 1 Test Strips
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King British 6 in 1 Test Strips are quick and easy to use dip tests. Tests include ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, carbonate hardness, ph and general hardness. For use in coldwater and tropical aquariums as well as ponds
Komodo Hand Sanitiser 500ml
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Komodo Hand Sanitiser 500ml kills germs without need for soap or water and helps to reduce bacteria on skin and kills 99.9% of known germs and bacteria. Use after handling pets or between vivariums. With added Aloe Vera.
Pool & Pond Thermometer
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Brannan Swimming Pond & Pond Thermometer that floats for measuring and monitoring the temperature of a pond or swimming pool.
Supa Bamboo Fishing Net
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The Supa Kiddies Bamboo Fishing Net has 6" diameter net on the end of a 3ft cane. It is ideal for children during school holidays when fishing, "crabbing" or other activities that could involve a net. The net also is available in 4 different colours: blue, pink, yellow and green.