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Juwel Aquariums & Accessories

Aqua Clean Gravel Cleaner
JUWEL Aqua Clean is the ideal tool for cleaning your Juwel internal filter and the ground material of your Juwel aquarium. Aqua Clean is suitable for aquariums with a height of up to 60 cm thanks to intake tubes that may be individually combined.
£10.49 £13.99
Juwel Background Stone Clay
The Juwel Stone Clay colour background is a realistic image of a clay-coloured rock face. The distinctive 3-D structure gives your aquarium a fascinating illusion of depth at a very low installation depth of just 1-3 cm. As part of the Stone Clay decorative range this colour background goes perfectly with the matching filter cover.
£33.74 £44.99
Juwel Diversion Nozzle Set
The Juwel diversion nozzle set allows you to direct the water flow within your aquarum to where you want it.