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Java Fern Plant

Java Fern Plant

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Microsorium Pteropus (Java Fern)
The Java Fern has very distinguished characteristics from most other aquatic plants.
More than just beautiful, this plant is quite undemanding and easy to cultivate, even doing well in poorly lit tanks and without extra nutrients or CO2.
It's also an ideal plant to use in setups that contain burrowing or vegetarian fishes, since in general they will not disturb it.
This plant should not be buried in the gravel, but rather fixed to rocks and driftwood, leaving its roots loose in the water.
The roots eventually attach themselves to the rock or wood.

When well adapted, it reproduces easily, and the reproduction is quite interesting:
the daughter plants are born on the edge of the leaves of the mother plant and grow right there, clinging on it with their little roots.
With time the daughters grow until they release themselves from the mother, and float around until they get entangled on something.
The hairy roots adhere easily.
We have this plant available in Single Plants, Leaded Bunches and Potted Plants.
  • Safe for shrimps and snails
  • Temperature Range = Flexible 22°C to 28°C
  • Ph Range = Flexible 6.0 to 7.5
  • Lighting = Low-Medium
  • Difficulty = Easy
We get fresh plants in every Wednesday and dispatch them for Thursday/Friday delivery.
We recommend washing all plants gently before use in your aquarium, especially in Shrimp or Snail Tanks.
This is to protect against the transporting spray often usedon plants before shipping.
This is safe for fish species but sometimes may harm shrimp species.



Place of Origin

South East Asia

Temperature Range


Maximum Height


Growth Rate


Light Rate


Position Range

Center - Background

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